Dealership technology to
Connect the fleet. Manage the inventory. Maximize sales.

Don’t keep customers waiting
and risk losing the sale

Connected inventory management that can pay for itself -
improving the sales process and your conversion rate to help you with selling more cars thanks to instant vehicle location.
OBD2 Device
24/7 vehicle connectivity
Web & Mobile App
Monitor vehicles anywhere
Peace of Mind
Instant reports & alerts

Don’t ever let customers wait too long

Always find the right vehicle in seconds and keep battery in perfect shape
more sales
15-30vehicles per month
Increase monthly
profit margin
Increase monthly
Calculations:* 300 Vehicles Inventory, 15 Salespersons, 200 Sales per Month. Average Vehicle Price -$34,000.
Average margin per vehicle sale - $1,500-$3,000. Margin loss $30,000-$90,000 loss due customers waiting too long.
Pine Belt collaborates with Zurich Connected Cars to rise customer satisfaction and to prevent car thefts by inventory management system

Sell More with Connected Dealership Inventory Management

Stop losing sales just because customers wait too long while you search for a vehicle. Instant inventory location can boost your monthly sales significantly. Every month, Zurich Connected Cars should pay for itself— and may help you sell more.
  • Locate vehicle inventory instantly
  • Improve conversion rate by shortening the sales process
  • Installs easily — just plug and play
  • Reduces costs and downtime
  • Mobile app and web portal with real-time data accessible anywhere
  • Optimize customer experience to boost loyalty
  • Streamline sales and inventory
Plus — just by speeding up the sales process, the Zurich Connected Car platform
can save your dealership up to an additional $2,000 per salesperson, per month
Notice: All savings calculations are estimated — but are based on real customer experiences! Results may vary, but we’ll work with you to drive more sales and as much savings as possible.

Plug-and-Play Connected Car Platform Revolutionizes
Dealership Inventory Management

Install and setup of the device in 2 minutes, with no configuration required.
Zurich Connected Cars is an easy-to-use car dealer inventory management device, platform,
and service that allows sales and service departments to quickly find and track vehicles.
How easy is it to enable your own connected car inventory and loaner fleet?
The device
Simply insert the Zurich Connected Cars device into the OBD2 port and start the engine for one minute. Includes SIM card and data plan. (Device is ISO 27001 certified, automotive grade, (ISO) IATF 16949:2016 compliant.)
Cloud-based web portal
No software installation required. Login to your web portal account to monitor your inventory and track your fleet with customizable alerts and robust vehicle data to fit your business’s needs. Access at
Mobile app
Use our mobile application to get convenient notifications and real-time information to your mobile phone. Available for iOS and Android.
How It Works

Dealer Inventory Management

Save money while improving the sales process
and the customer’s experience

Eliminate the pain and frustration of dealership inventory management by locating vehicles instantly — and making sure they’re test drive-ready.

With Zurich Connected Cars, you can:
Locate inventory immediately with real-time location tracking
Receive notifications about unexpected vehicle activity after
business hours
Prevent dead battery or low fuel issues with proactive vehicle monitoring
Reduce time for inventory audits from days to just a few
hours with accurate inventory geo-location
Find out how your dealership can start saving thousands of dollars a month — per salesperson —
thanks to the time-saving efficiency of Zurich Connected Cars.

Loaner Fleet Management

Keeping track of multiple vehicles can make managing a fleet of service loaners
quite challenging. Streamline your operation with our vehicle tracking system.
With Zurich Connected Cars, you can:
Know the exact location of service loaners in your fleet
Get alerts if a vehicle is speeding and keep track of tolls
Automatically track fuel levels and get alerted to any
suspicious activity
Maximize OEM incentives — track mileage to know exactly
when to transition it to your CPO inventory
With Zurich Connected Cars, you can better track expenses, saving you
enough money per vehicle to cover a full tank of gas.
It’s simple math — let us walk you through it.

Enhance Customer

  • Locate and monitor vehicles in real-time,
    so there’s nothing standing in between
    your customers and a test drive — or a sale
  • Prevent customer service issues by
    detecting low battery charge and fuel levels
    before the vehicle gets to the customer
  • Improve customer loyalty with features like
    automatic alerts for low fuel and battery
  • Detailed geo-location status

Vehicle Health

  • Quickly spot problematic vehicles in your
    inventory to keep your stock in good,
    saleable condition
  • Get alerts when fuel levels are low to
    avoid logistics headaches
  • Receive instant notifications for activity
    alerts, when battery charge starts to
    drain, and other customizable events
  • Track mileage and other utilization
    metrics for each vehicle

Easy to Implement
and Use

  • Plug and play devices allow you to get
    started right away
  • Cloud-based software is accessible
    anywhere from either web or mobile
  • Designed with usability and ease of use
    in mind so that your employees can
    utilize it immediately with little training

What is the Future of Automotive
Inventory Management?

Ditch the complex inventory management software of the past and get
connected to the future of automotive inventory management: an easy-to-use
mobile app and web portal. Simply plug the connected car device into a vehicle’s
OBD2 port, start the engine, and it connects to Zurich Connected Car cloud
service — and rest assured that you’ve got eyes on every car.
  • Track and monitor the location of each vehicle
  • Locate vehicles by VIN or stock number
  • View battery charge and fuel levels, along with VIN and stock number
  • Set alerts for unauthorized or after-hours usage, plus geo-fences
  • Low power consumption - Our connected car device adds less than 10% power consumption to inactive vehicles to provide quality battery monitoring for months without draining the battery.
  • Easy to use - Our plug-and-play device and intuitive, cloud-based platform
    (web and mobile) equips your entire team with the power to improve sales
    efficiency and customer service.

Who Trusts Zurich Connected Cars
with Dealer Inventory Management?

Your Dealership’s Assist
in Automotive Inventory
and Fleet Management

At Zurich Connected Cars, we are continuously improving our connected car platform and adding new features. We take an individualized approach to each customer and use your feedback so that we can continue to optimize our technology and serve the growing challenges of fleet and inventory management.
We pride ourselves on our customer service, even before you’re connected. We’ll talk with you to understand your unique situation and provide a free demo.

Ready to Streamline Your Fleet Management
and Improve the Customer Experience?

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