Auto Dealer Inventory Management
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Don’t ever let customers wait too long

Always find the right vehicle in seconds and keep battery in perfect shape
more sales
15-30vehicles per month
Increase monthly
profit margin
Increase monthly
Calculations:* 300 Vehicles Inventory, 15 Salespersons, 200 Sales per Month. Average Vehicle Price -$34,000.
Average margin per vehicle sale - $1,500-$3,000. Margin loss $30,000-$90,000 loss due customers waiting too long.

Modernize and Streamline
Your Auto Dealer Inventory

Stop losing sales just because it takes too long to find a vehicle.
Sell more — tens of thousands of dollars per month — and improve customer service with Zurich Connected Cars.
Enable faster inventory audits and give sales staff the ability to locate any vehicle on the lot — and see its battery and fuel levels — all from their smartphones. This is car dealer inventory management like you’ve never seen before.
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Inventory Management May Save Thousands per Month in Time Savings Alone*
Savings in the workforce time
test-drive / day / person
minutes saved / vehicle
work days / month
$ 40
rate / hour
$ 2,000
savings / salesperson / month
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Vehicle Inventory Management Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

An average dealership may lose tens of thousands of dollars each year due to ineffective management of inventory. We’ve heard it straight from our clients who manage an inventory of 350+ — they tell us that they lose roughly a dozen sales every month, simply because they can’t find the right vehicle at the right time!

But once they implemented Zurich Connected Cars, they were able to quickly locate vehicles for test drives, drastically reducing customer wait time. And they recouped those dozen lost sales, boosting their sales numbers.

Zurich Connected Cars makes it easy for dealers to search and audit vehicle inventory, track vehicle positions with GPS, and monitor important status indicators like fuel and battery levels. Here is a brief overview of how our auto dealer inventory management system improves efficiency for dealerships — assisting you in saving you time and speeding up the sales process by getting customers behind the wheel of the right car, right now.

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Don’t lose a customer just due to long waits — instantly locate test-drive vehicles in under a

  • Each connected car OBD2 device includes a tracking mechanism
    so that you can find specific vehicles in just a few taps
  • Delight customers by being able to find specific vehicles right away
    so that they don’t have to spend valuable time waiting

Lock down your lot to avoid unauthorized vehicle usage — ensure your vehicles are always sale-ready.

  • Set a curfew to get notified when cars are started outside of business
    hours, meaning that someone may be using the car for non-business
  • Apply geo-fences so you know when a car is taken too far away

Have every vehicle ready for test drive and
purchase — never lose a sale again just due
to a vehicle’s empty tank or dead battery.

  • Low fuel and battery alerts enable to you refuel and recharge
    preemptively, before it becomes a problem for a customer
  • Never delay a test drive due to fuel or battery — always have the
    right car ready to go

Make misplaced inventory a thing of the past —
keep track of every vehicle’s location and speed up
inventory audits from days to hours.

  • Quick and easy connected car device setup means you can have your
    whole inventory connected without hassle
  • Search by VIN, stock number, year, make/model, and more and know
    exactly where each vehicle is with GPS — whether its on your lot, off-site
    storage, or with a customer
  • Spend less time auditing and more time selling

Get started quickly with cloud-based software accessible via web
portal and mobile app, then customize to suit your business.

  • Simply download the Zurich Fleet app in the App Store or Google
    Play Store
    and set up your account with your email address
  • Use the web portal to set up mobile push notifications for instant
    alerts regarding vehicle health fuel or battery), location,
    unauthorized usage, and more
  • Review all notifications quickly with our notification inbox,
    accessible by web or phone — icons make it easy to see certain
    problems and the inbox ensures that you can see any notifications
    that you may have missed
What else can Zurich Connected Cars do for you? Learn more about how it works and find out
how it can optimize your service loaner fleet management, too.
*Sample calculations based on past customer experiences and the specific assumptions given. Individual results may vary.

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