Dealership Loaner Fleet Management
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Dealership Loaner Fleet Management from Anywhere with Ease

Always in control of loaner inventory mileage and accurate fuel data to maximize profits
Annual savings
on loaner mileage:
Annual savings
on fuel:
Calculations*: 300 Vehicles Inventory, 30 Loaner fleet per year, 50% gets mileage cut off. Loaners fleet rotated each 6 months.
Over mileage losses $2,000/vehicle. Fuel: 1.5 missing gallons / contract x $ 2.80 x 5 contracts per month per vehicle.

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Dealership Loaner Fleet
Management from Anywhere
with Ease

Maximize operational efficiency with Zurich Connected Cars thanks to GPS location tracking, OBD2 vehicle monitoring, and instant access via web portal and mobile app. Quickly perform inventory audits and keep an eye on fuel, battery, and mileage to efficiently manage your fleet. Never miss out on OEM incentives or lose track of a loaner vehicle again with Zurich Connected Cars. Save money every month on fuel and tolls while maximizing incentives.
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GPS-Tracking Fleet Management for Dealership Service Departments

How many times have you missed out on relevant manufacturer
incentives because a service loaner car went over the acceptable
mileage limit? How much money have you spent on unpaid
tolls? What about on repairs for damage caused by unauthorized
use? Zurich Connected Cars gives you the real-time data you
need to manage your fleet of service loaner

The customer hasn’t returned their loaner,
and they’re not answering their phone —
now I’m losing money because the next
customer has no loaner car available.

  • Pinpoint your service loaner’s location with GPS tracking for your
    fleet, so you can better plan customer vehicle handoffs once
    service is complete
  • Enable geo-fences that provide alerts when a customer takes a
    vehicle too far
  • Improve the customer experience by notifying a driver if their
    vehicle is low on gas or battery charge

Service loaners get returned with a nearly-empty
gas tank and “mysterious” scratches and
damage — so I lose money on fuel and repairs,
and the next customer’s experience suffers.

  • Enable automatic fuel level retrieval upon check-in, so you can properly
    charge the customer and get it gassed up ASAP
  • Know exactly where a vehicle is — and where it’s been — so you can
    hold the right person accountable for damage
  • Receive email or push notifications if someone starts one of your
    vehicles after specified business hours or takes it beyond a geographic

I lost track of a loaner vehicle’s mileage —
and now it’s gone over the limit and I’m
losing out on manufacturer incentives and
CPO opportunities.

  • Set mileage reports and notifications so you can transition service fleet
    vehicles to dealer sales inventory at the precise moment — and
    maximize incentives from OEMs
  • Keep service loaners up-to-date on maintenance to best possibly avoid customers experiencing breakdowns or poor performance — and the
    vehicle is in optimal shape when it transitions to CPO inventory

Customers get caught by speed cameras — and now I’m stuck with the bill

  • Enable speeding alerts so you can hold customers accountable for traffic violations
  • Track and review vehicle history to know who had the car when the violation occurred

Easily enable your service department with
connected car monitoring thanks to our
modern, intuitive platform

  • Quickly set up OBD2 connected car devices in minutes on any vehicle
  • Provide employee logins for web portal and mobile app — anyone can
    download the Zurich Fleet app in the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Improve the customer experience by equipping your service staff with
    the ability to search, monitor, and locate vehicles
With Zurich Connected Cars, you have GPS telematics fleet management at your fingertips. Find out more
about how it works — plus how it can enable your sales department to optimize operations, too.

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Dealership fleet management doesn’t have to be a hassle. Get in touch with a Zurich Connected Cars specialist to learn more about how
our system can help you save time, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience for your service department. Contact us via the form
below to get a free demo, get a price quote, or learn more about our dealership fleet management system.
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