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Connected Fleets USA

Connected Fleets USA 2020 kicks off in Atlanta alongside the Industrial IoT World event and focuses on — you guessed it — the future of fleet and trucking connectivity. This year’s event poses a new focus on electric vehicles as they begin to make their way from consumer novelty to fleet use. 

We’re in attendance to learn more from fleet managers and discuss the Zurich Connected Cars fleet management solution. With fleet security, connected drivers, and telematics data among the top subjects of focus, we can’t wait to enable fleet managers with real-time visibility that helps them optimize their operations.

Past events
TU-Automotive Detroit

Held in the city of Novi, MI, just north of Detroit, the TU-Automotive 2020 event bills itself as a “Festival of Automotive” and the “Engine of Auto Tech Innovation.”

As innovators ourselves, Zurich Connected Cars feels right at home among TU-Automotive’s “connected, autonomous, shared, and electric era of mobility.” Exhibitors range from technology leaders to automotive suppliers, and even to federal governments. We’re excited to learn about cybersecurity, dealership innovations, data monetization, software and more as we explain the benefits of connected inventory management to dealership managers.

NADA Show Expo 2020

Held by the National Automobile Dealers Association in Las Vegas, the 2020 NADA Show Expo shows off the latest and greatest to franchised new car dealerships. More than 500 companies exhibited in 2020, presenting the latest technologies and products that are changing the industry. 

As a cutting edge solution for dealership inventory and loaner fleet management, Zurich Connected Cars attended the marketplace event to give hands-on demonstrations of its mobile app and web portal. Networking with dealership managers from around the country, we listened to the real-world challenges facing dealerships today and presented our unique solutions that help dealers sell more, save with efficiencies, and get real-time visibility into their inventory/fleet’s location and status. 

We enjoyed conversing with dealerships of all sizes to learn about the exciting opportunities we can partner in pursuing.

NADA Show Expo 2019

The NADA Show and Expo 2019, presented by the National Automobile Dealers Association, was held in San Francisco. The “Automotive Industry Event of the Year” gathers new-car dealers from coast to coast to showcase big ideas, launch new products, and foster relationships between manufacturers, suppliers, businesses, and peers. 

Zurich Connected Cars enjoyed not only meeting with dealership managers to discuss the importance of tech-savvy inventory management, but to attend workshops and learning sessions by the brightest minds in the industry. 

A recurring theme of the 2019 expo was the dynamism of the dealership industry and how it evolves to the demands and habits of modern buyers. The show also highlighted the prosperous year ahead for the auto industry.

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