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At Zurich Connected Cars, we’ve worked hard to create a hassle-free
experience so that dealerships can learn more about us to get up and
running quickly. We’ve designed an easy-to-use out-of-the-box solution
so that anyone can get started — and get connected.
On top of that, exceptional customer support is a cornerstone of our
. We want to make sure that every single customer gets
value from our solution and can implement it with ease.
We’ve helped over 1,900 dealerships implement our solutions to save time
and money while improving the customer experience. So what can you
expect when working with us?
Contract Signing
Up to 1 week
Install Dongles
Train Dealer Personnel
Go live!
Get a Quote
After you get in touch (click that button above!), we’ll reach out to
schedule a phone consultation to understand your unique business
scenario, including inventory size and existing inventory management
We know that each dealership faces different challenges and has
different goals. The phone consultation lets us learn more about your
business and determine how we can best serve your needs.
After the phone consultation, we then schedule a demo which can
be either in person or online. See first hand how it works — and get an idea how Zurich Connected Cars can help your business save time and money.
Whether you are looking to control dealer inventory or manage a
loaner fleet (or both!), we’ll run a customized demo to show you
how our system works and can help meet your business objectives.
Free Trial
At Zurich Connected Cars, we understand how important it is to make well-informed business decisions before committing to an investment. That’s why we offer a free customer trial for 5 days so that you can try us out and see if you like what we have to offer. During the trial, we’ll help you setup Zurich Connected Cars devices in a portion of your sales inventory or loaner fleet and empower you to use the mobile app and web portal to optimize inventory and/or fleet management.
This focused trial experience shows you how a full-inventory system can revolutionize how you do busines
On-Site Implementation and Training
It’s time to experience Zurich Connected Cars’ white-glove service. We’ll be by your side throughout the process, making sure you’re up and running, flawlessly.
We’ll set you up with pricing and capability that meets your needs, then send a Zurich Connected Cars expert for on-site implementation including hands-on employee training for your entire staff.
  • Account setup
  • Mobile app and web portal setup
  • Device installation (Professional and Enterprise plans)
  • Sales and service team training
  • Ongoing support
  • Direct technical support
Go Live!
Once we’ve walked you through the setup process, you can begin managing your inventory and fleet instantly and in real-time.
Ongoing Support
We provide ongoing support to make sure everything runs smoothly even after installation is complete.

Are You Ready? Let’s Get Connected

Our mission is to help you sell more cars with less delay while improving
the customer experience. That becomes reality once you have full,
real-time visibility of your inventory and fleet.
We designed Zurich Connected Cars to be an out-of-the-box solution for
dealerships to manage their inventory and loaners with ease, thanks to
cutting-edge device technology and intuitive, productive mobile app and
web portal experiences. And we back it up with exceptional customer
Here are just a few reasons to love our system:
  • Meticulous manufacturing and quality control
  • Very fast installation time — be up and running in minutes!
  • Monitor fuel levels, GPS location, battery levels, and other key indicators
    via mobile app and web portal
  • Cloud service – accessible from anywhere through mobile app or web
  • Exceptional customer support – we’re here when you need us and
    continuously adding new features to better serve our customers
Simply fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our specialists to learn how Zurich Connected Cars can help your dealership today.
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