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Our Postpaid Plan to sell more.
No monthly cost.

Pay as you sell.
Our solution saves significant time to find the new vehicle for walk-ins.
Pay for the service at the moment when you sell the vehicle.
Looks like a win-win situation right?
per vehicle
per vehicle
per vehicle
As sales increase,
you pay less per vehicle
Plans are customized
to each dealership size from $15 to $40 per VIN
Our Monthly plans to fix your payments
$14 / month
per vehicle if prepaid.
$18/month for the installment plan
For small to medium dealerships
Plan includes:
  • Hardware
  • Mobile app
  • Web Portal
  • Implementation & Support
$16 / month
per vehicle if prepaid.
$20/month for the installment plan
For medium to large dealerships
Plan includes:
  • Standard Plan options
  • Notification alerts
  • Onboarding Advice
  • Dedicated account manager
Can include very specific requirements.
This plan is for Vehicle Yards, about 5000
units in volume
For large dealerships or OEM with
inventory more then 5000 units
Plan includes:
  • Professional Plan options
  • Custom branding
  • API integration

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Competitive Pricing and Multiple Plan Options to Fit Your Budget

Implementing an effective inventory and loaner fleet management system doesn’t have to be expensive.
We provide multiple pricing plans to fit anyone’s needs, whether you manage dealership inventory or a
loaner fleet on a single lot or across multiple locations.
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For small and medium dealership
For medium and large dealership
For large dealerships or OEM with
inventory more then 5000 units
Including features: M2M SIM,
data plan, updates
Real-time tracking
Vehicle Locator & Filtering
Real-time dashboard
Comprehensive fleet management resources
Mobile Notifications
Web Portal Notifications
SLA & Support8/7 email support, SLA 99.5%12/7 email support, SLA 99.95%12/7 email support, SLA 99.95%
Onboarding Advisor
Dedicated account manager
Custom branding
API integration
Pricing and Payments
Commitment level can vary from 1-3 years. Payments can be made by installments or prepaid upfront.

Web Portal and Mobile App

All plans come with access to our easy to use web portal where you can
track each vehicle’s location and key status indicators, including fuel and
battery levels. You can also set up alerts for low fuel, vehicles being started
outside of business hours (unauthorized usage), and when vehicles cross
specified geographic boundaries.
The mobile app allows you to monitor your fleet and get alerts from the
convenience of your phone and is included in our Professional plan. Receive
push notifications for inventory alerts to keep constant watch on your

ISO Certified and Tested Hardware

All production sites used to manufacture our equipment are ISO / IATF
16949 certified. Devices undergo a three-stage, 100% full-feature testing
including high-temperature resistance testing. The device is also ISO 27001
certified for cybersecurity.
Our equipment is manufactured with the highest levels of quality control so
that dealerships can feel confident that their equipment will work as
expected. Our equipment also comes with a full lifetime warranty.

Exceptional Ongoing Customer and Technical Support

Offering the highest level of customer support is part of how we do business. We can guarantee a 99.95% SLA for Professional plans, 99.5% for Standard plans*.
We also offer free training for your staff and assist with implementation when you are ready to get started.

Ready to Upgrade Your Inventory and Loaner Fleet Management?

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