How It Works
Insert OBD2 connected car
device in each vehicle

Our OBD2 device is plug-and-play and works for vehicles manufactured after 1996. Simply insert the device into the OBD2 slot and start the engine for one minute. Secure M2M SIM cards and data plan are included.

With easy installation, you don’t need a technician to get you started — you and your teams can have a car connected in minutes.

Link Up the Cloud-Based

No software installation is necessary to get started. All you need is an email address to sign up to connect all your vehicles. Our service is based on Microsoft Azure Service and is compatible with any browser.

Launch the Mobile App or Web Portal

Our mobile application (available for both iOS and Android) allows you to conveniently monitor your vehicles from anywhere. In the web portal, you can check vehicle location and status, plus set rules for alerts, apply geo-fences, and more. Get real-time vehicle information and configure the system to send out instant notifications including low fuel or low battery alerts straight to your mobile phone.

And worry not — your data and inventory is secure, thanks to our cybersecurity standards.

How It Works: Automotive Inventory Management
with Zurich Connected Cars

Zurich Connected Cars technology is trusted by over 1,900 dealerships for automotive inventory management
and telematics fleet management. Here’s how it works.

GPS Inventory Solutions
at Your Fingertips

Getting set up with our car monitoring system is easy. Once you’ve
worked with us to get your dealership connected, you can empower
your staff to use Zurich Connected Cars every day. It’s as easy as:
Finding the Zurich Fleet app in the App Store or Google Play Store
Signing up for an account using your email address
… and that’s it! Auto dealership inventory software need not be complicated —
if your staff can use a smartphone, they can optimize inventory and fleet
management with Zurich Connected Cars.

Get a Clear View with Telematics
Fleet Management

Our application performs three key functions:
Locate: Know exactly where each vehicle is and where it’s been
Maintain: Ensure vehicle health and readiness by tracking fuel level,
battery charge, odometer mileage, and more
Monitor: Enable push notifications if to know vehicles are being
used after business hours, outside of specified geographic areas,
or otherwise, so you can respond accordingly to protect your assets

Streamline Your Fleet and Automotive Inventory Management
and Start Saving Time and Money for Your Dealership

We designed Zurich Connected Cars with ease of use in mind so that you and your team can get up and running quickly. Want to learn
how we can help your dealership reduce costs, save time, and improve customer service?
Find out what makes Zurich Connected Cars one of the top GPS inventory solutions for dealership and fleet tracking. Fill out the form below
to get in touch with a Zurich Connected Cars representative and schedule a demo, request a quote, or get more information.
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