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One important consideration when deciding to implement a dealership
and loaner fleet management system is cyber security.
Poor connected car cyber security can compromise the safety of your
customers and their information, as well as open your company up to
potential liability.

Zurich Connected Cars has your automotive cyber security covered. Our
company is ISO 27001-certified and our devices and hardware production
facilities are ISO 16845 and TS/IATF 16949 certified.

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The Importance of Cyber Security in a Connected Car System

While the technology of connected cars continues to advance and grow in popularity, cyber security is still a concern. A study shows that few companies have an established cyber security team and most lack adequate security protocols.

Here are a few other alarming findings of the study:

  • Less than half (44%) of organizations impose cyber security requirements
    on suppliers and other third party providers
  • Only around 39% of companies deliver timely software security updates
    and 25% don’t update their software at all
  • Only 31% of organizations instruct their coders on secure coding procedures

With poor cyber security, hackers can not only gain access to sensitive information, but possibly gain access to a vehicle’s engine, door locks, brakes, and other systems. Losing control of such systems while a vehicle is in operation is a major safety concern and liability risk.

Zurich Connected Cars ensures the security of all our systems — OBD2 device, cloud service, mobile app, and web portal — so you can rest assured that your inventory and your customers are safe.

ISO 27001 Certified
Connected Car Company

Our company is ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is an
information security management system published by the International
Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International
Electrotechnical Commission. Organizations can only become accredited if
they pass an audit successfully.
Organizations must ensure that they have a systematic approach to
identifying security risks and vulnerabilities. They must also design security
controls to address those risks and develop a management process to
ensure information security on an ongoing basis.
Zurich Connected Cars’ ISO 27001 certification represents our
commitment to protecting our customers with advanced cyber
security protocols.
TS/IATF 16949 Certified for
Hardware Production
Our OBD2 device and the manufacturing facilities that make our
devices also undergo stringent quality controls to ensure maximum
cybersecurity. Our devices are automotive compatible and the vehicle
communication module (CAN module) is ISO 16845 certified.
Hardware is produced in a TS/IATF 16949 certified facility.
Cloud Services
Our cloud services are based on Microsoft Azure, trusted by 95% of
Fortune 500 companies. They spend over $1 billion each year to
protect customer data from cyber threats and have over 90
compliance offerings, the largest in the industry.

Cybersecure Dealership Inventory Management System

At Zurich Connected Cars, we take connected car cybersecurity seriously.
We know most dealerships don’t want to hire their own cyber security
team and be hassled with time consuming and expensive certifications.
That’s why cyber security is included in all of our plans. We’ll continue to
keep our software and equipment updated and secure so that you can
focus on your business.
Ready to learn more? Get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns about cyber security or if you would like
to learn more about how our platform helps over 1,900 dealerships with their vehicle inventory and dealership loaner fleet management.
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