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Monitor Your Inventory and Fleet from Anywhere
with Our Convenient Connected Car App

Managing an inventory of hundreds, even thousands of vehicles — plus
your fleet of service loaners — can be a huge challenge. With so many
vehicles to keep track of and so many things that can go wrong, it’s no
wonder dealerships struggle with keeping track of inventory and
maintaining a fleet in tip-top condition.
The Zurich Connected Cars platform makes it easy to manage your entire
inventory in real-time with our convenient mobile app — saving you time
and money every day, while improving the customer experience.
  • Easy to install
  • Available for both Android and iOS
  • Safe and secure — Face ID, Touch ID, and two-factor authentication
  • Real-time data including vehicle location, fuel/battery status, vehicle speed
    and more
  • Get instant alerts when vehicles are low on fuel or battery charge,
    exceeding speed limits, outside of specified boundaries, or when
    unauthorized usage occurs such as vehicles being started outside of
    business hours
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GPS Inventory Tracking from Your Smartphone

Having a simple inventory management solution is not enough in today’s
competitive environment. You need to be able to manage and keep track
of all of your vehicles from anywhere. The Zurich Connected Cars system
is not only accessible by web portal but also by mobile app.
The mobile app serves three key purposes to save you time and money
while streamlining your operations:
Monitoring and tracking the location of vehicles in your inventory and loaner fleet
Providing fuel levels and battery charge status
Monitoring vehicle usage and status to make sure employees are
not using vehicles for non‑business purposes
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Real-Time Location Tracking Speeds Up
Inventory Audits
If you need to know the location of
your cars, the start screen of the app
can show all your vehicles on a map
to save you time.
You can also view the vehicle status screen to see key indications on each vehicle, including VIN numbers, fuel levels, and battery charge levels at a glance.
Track Vehicle Health in
Real-Time and Get
Alerts When Conditions
are Critical
Is one of your vehicle’s low on fuel? Real-time alerts allow you to get
the vehicle refueled before the next customer uses it to avoid a
customer service headache. Battery dead or low on charge? Get
notified so you can recharge it instead of needing a costly
replacement — and avoid a potentially deal-killing situation when
the car won’t start for a test drive.
Notifications are also kept in an inbox in case you miss any of them
or want to review past notifications. Our system of icons makes it
easy to view what the notifications are at a glance.
Never Miss Out on OEM
Incentives for CPO Vehicles
Thanks to Automatic
Mileage Notifications
Automatically track mileage and setup alerts to get notified
when vehicles are approaching mileage cutoffs for OEM
incentives. Transition service fleet vehicles into CPO dealer
at the perfect time, so you can capitalize on the
highest manufacturer bonuses.
Don’t Get Caught
Holding the Bag When
Customers Mis-use
Your Vehicles
Get speeding alerts so that you can hold customers driving service
accountable for costly violations. Track fuel consumption to
charge customers accurately and avoid unnecessary refueling costs.
Know exactly where a vehicle is and where it’s been so that you can
hold the right driver accountable for any damages.
Minimize Losses from
Unauthorized Usage
Do you worry about your employees using your vehicles for
non-business purposes? With our mobile app, you can set up
instant notifications if vehicles are being started outside of
normal business hours or if they are being driven outside of set
boundaries. Real-time alerts let you know exactly when and
where unauthorized usage is occurring.
Available for both
Android and IOS
No matter which device your employees use, they can stay connected to your inventory. Get the
convenience of real-time notifications straight to your mobile phone and empower your staff with
the same time-saving visibility.

Keep a Pulse on Your Fleet from Anywhere -
Get Connected Today with Our Car Tracking App

With Zurich Connected Cars, managing your inventory has never been easier. Our mobile app is just one of the features that will enable you
and your team to reduce costs, save time, and optimize the customer experience by allowing you to easily manage all each and every
vehicle. Learn more about how it works — or use the form below to get a quote, schedule a demo, or contact us to learn more about how
we can help you manage your fleet:
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