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The System Controls the Security
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Secure Lot From Thieves

The following features help you keep an eye on the fleet:
  • Curfew alerts
  • Geo-fence
  • Lost connection/Unplug
  • Engine activity
  • Towing

Hidden Location Even For OBD2 Devices

Most of our customers are concerned about GPS tracking devices that are easy for thieves to unplug.
We propose a Y-cable installation that keeps OBD2 devices hidden from thieves. And the installation takes only a few minutes.

Track Vehicles If You Are Gone

Features to help you locate the vehicle:
  • Fast, hidden installation with Y-cable
  • History of routes and parking
  • Speed alerts
  • Multiple zones control
  • Data access control
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Hidden Installation

With Y-cable the device is hidden and tracking
vehicle activity for 24/7

3 Alerts Channels

Email, mobile pushes and browser

Personal settings

Each user of the system has
unique set of settings
All functions and services are helping to get more information about the vehicle. We won't be responsible if the vehicle is stolen.
Watch the video to see how Pine Belt rises customer satisfaction and prevents car thefts by inventory management system at a pretty hard time for business.
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