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Using car inventory management software shouldn’t be difficult or
complicated. That’s why we designed our web portal to be easy to use while
providing all the critical information you need to efficiently monitor your
sales inventory and service loaner fleet. The web portal removes much of the
human factor and automates tasks that otherwise cost dealerships time and
money by using technology like GPS tracking for fleet vehicles, vehicle status
monitoring, and more. Plus, the entire Zurich connected Cars system
adheres to the highest standards of IoT cybersecurity.
Get started with just your email — so every employee can have access —
and login from anywhere.
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Car Inventory Software That
Streamlines Dealership Operations

At Zurich Connected Cars, we designed our web portal to be
user-friendly and intuitive. The web portal serves four key functions that
help you optimize inventory and fleet management:
Locate and track vehicles in your inventory and fleet with real-time GPS updates
Check actual, real-time vehicle status conditions including fuel
level, odometer mileage, and battery charge
Enable custom reports for automated inventory audits
Setup push notifications and email alerts for low fuel or battery,
geo‑fence boundaries, curfews, and more
Let’s take a closer look at how the web portal functions…
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Dashboard Page
Upon logging in, you will see the Dashboard page, which provides a quick
status overview of your inventory or fleet. The Dashboard page allows you
to immediately see the following information:
  • Total number of connected vehicles
  • Number of inactive vehicles
  • Number of vehicles with low battery level
  • Vehicles with low fuel levels
Inventory Management Page
Quickly find specific vehicles and manage your inventory from the Inventory
Management page. Search filters at the top allow you to quickly find a specific
vehicle or look for vehicles that meet certain criteria, for example, vehicles with
low fuel levels.
The lower part of the screen shows the search results and includes key indicators
including VIN, make, model, mileage, current status, fuel levels, and battery
Vehicle Status Overview Screen
You can also click on a specific vehicle to get more details about its status.
The car status screen allows you to quickly see the status of all of your
vehicles including critical information like battery levels, fuel levels, and VIN
Fleet Management Page
The Fleet Management page covers loaner vehicles. In this section, you can
get details on specific cars like their travel and route history. Filter on
specific dates to see where a vehicle has traveled, including mileage and
route. Setup geofences and speeding parameters to get alerted when
customers misuse your vehicles.
You can set up alerts so that you immediately get notified for critical
situations, like low battery charge, vehicles leaving a specified geographic
area, or low fuel levels. All alerts and notifications are archived in your
inbox in case you or one of your team members missed a notification or
would like to review past notifications. The inbox uses a system of icons so
that you can see common problems at a glance.

Zurich Connected Cars Vehicle Inventory Management System
Saves You Time and Money Every Day

Our web portal is just one of the features that makes Zurich Connected Cars a popular vehicle inventory management system, trusted by
over 1,900 dealerships. Our system allows you to easily:
  • Monitor and maintain your sales inventory and service loaner fleet
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing top quality customer service
  • Get notified of unauthorized vehicle usage by setting up notifications for
    vehicles being started outside of normal business hours or get notified when
    a car goes outside a specified geographical boundary.
Are you ready to get connected and learn more about how our car inventory software can help you with your fleet management needs?
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