May 28, 2020
Zurich Connected Car partners with Pine Belt and helps to prevent a car theft

Pine Belt collaborates with Zurich Connected Cars to rise customer satisfaction and to prevent car thefts by inventory management system at a pretty hard time for business. 

Zurich Connected Cars is proud to announce that have partnered with Pine Belt, a New Jersey-based family-owned and operated car dealer with a rich tradition of offering new and pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs while prioritizing the needs of each customer. Pine Belt Cars specialize in Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Subaru cars. Pine Belt Cars offers deals at its four dealerships in Lakewood NJ.

By using Zurich Connected Cars, Pine Belt can manage inventory effectively across all their locations and multiple storage lots. Zurich Connected Cars offers useful features like the ability to instantly locate and track vehicles, fuel and battery level monitoring, and real-time alerts sent straight to the mobile phone.

“With connected cars we have the ability to know which lot our vehicles are presently on. The problem that I have is, cause it’s 300+ units our housed on 3three separate locations. An issue that happens is when a salesperson is looking for a car and the customer is sitting in the showroom it could be 15-20 minutes for them to find the vehicle, so either the customer climbs out, loses interest or just gets up and leaves”, said Kenneth Martin, the Vice President of Pine Belt Enterprises. 

Kenneth Martin, the Vice President of Pine Belt Enterprises

Also, tracking the location and status of your vehicles on large dealership lots — along with loaner fleet monitoring and management — are the keys to successfully preventing potential auto theft under normal circumstances. ”As an aside, the other feature that we had the opportunity to use — we had a car that showed up in Connecticut, our dealership is in New Jersey, and ultimately we found out that the car was a stolen vehicle, we got the police involved and right now there’s an active investigation. I would definitely recommend Zurich Connected Cars to any organization that needs the ability to track their vehicles for the customer satisfaction and also for the part of deliveries haven’t had anybody walked out on”, concluded Kenneth Martin, the Vice President of Pine Belt Enterprises.

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