April 23, 2020
Zurich Connected Cars introduces the Last Release of its Inventory Management Platform

Zurich Connected Cars launches the last release of its advanced inventory management platform version 1.7. The new release brings a whole range of advantages, including support of some 10+ years old vehicles, augmented reality assistant, lost connection notifications, and others. In general it helps maximize operational efficiency and reduce operating costs related to inventory and loaners/rentals.

Zurich Connected Cars 1.7 has been specially developed for US auto dealers, and includes the following functions: 

  • Lost connection notifications. Now you can preemptively track vehicle connection status and take care of those which lost it for some reason. For instance, you can that the loaner vehicle lost connection and you’ll no longer be able to track its location.
  • Support of some 10+ years old vehicles. Some dealers have a part of their CPO inventory containing old vehicles. We found the limitations in the vehicles produced 10+ years ago (they use LIN bus for the connectivity). We solved those limitations and now should support most of the vehicles since 1996.
  • Device indicators. We’ve updated the logic of the indicator for the devices. Now, if you install the device it’ll start blinking with the yellow indicator if it’s ready to go. All the other time no indicators should ever blink. This change will significantly decrease the operation cost of installing/reinstalling dongles. You plug-in dongle, start the engine, and wait for the blinking indicator –  3 steps in about 1 minute.
  • Augmented Reality for iOS. This is my favorite update. If you have a large parking lot, the iOS application now will help you to find vehicles way faster with augmented reality assistant. 
  • Support of the Metric System. We added support of kilometers for our customers from Canada and Europe.
  • Some user interface improvements. Now we update data in the mobile application more often to keep it actual almost all the time. Improved support for satellite viewing and notification screens.

In addition, Zurich Connected Cars fixed some minor bugs and implemented some security features. Firmware and the portal are already automatically updated for current customers.

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