May 21, 2020
Zurich Connected Cars releases the free analytic tool to boost the dealership revenue by $500,000

Zurich Connected Cars will share the calculations and insights of sales potential increase specifically for your scale of inventory and sales representatives just by streamlining their vehicle location flow. Moreover, by this calculator, the dealership will see a possible increase in the monthly profit margin.

The calculator makes the success of using the inventory management system simple by displaying everything you need to increase sales. Provide all the inventory data: Inventory size, sales representatives, sales/month, average car price, and average margin per car. And receive calculations about more sales, an increase of margin profit, and monthly revenue.

“An average dealership may lose tens of thousands of dollars each year due to ineffective management of inventory. We’ve heard it straight from our clients who manage an inventory of 350+ — they tell us that they lose roughly a dozen sales every month, simply because they can’t find the right vehicle at the right time, and customers leave, not wanting to wait long. With the new free analytical tool dealers will be able to optimize the inventory management based on real data and calculate the potential monthly profit margin increase”, said VP of Sales, Matthew Bialuk.

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