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Standard Professional
OBD-II Car Adapter + +
M2M Sim Card + +
Extension OBD cable Optional Optional
Inventory Portal
Live map + +
List of vehicles + filter (battery, fuel, odometer) + +
Vehicle locator (VIN, stock number, device ID, plate number) + +
Vehicle position + current status + +
Mobile app
Inventory management +
Fleet management +
Push notifications +
General Features (available across all applications)
Geo-zone notifications + +
Notification rules lot lockdown + +
Email notifications + +
Back-office user management (add, deactivate accounts) + +
Support & Maintenance + +
Support to publish mobile apps to AppStore / Google Play to customers accounts + +
Devices Connectivity
Device data plan + +
Cloud deployment (no servers required) + +
Portals training (webinar, 2 hours) + +
Mobile apps training (webinar, 2 hours) + +
Installation training (webinar, 1 hour) + +
Hardware warranty During the contract During the contract
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